Capital Hotel

Bidding Little Rock ‘Merry Christmas’ since 1876

It takes a lot of work for Little Rock’s 140 year-old “front porch” to stay up to date. Not long after the 2005-7 restoration and befuddled as to how to compete in a world bombarded by gimmicks we enlisted long-time friends of the hotel, Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus, and some of our closest neighbors to help us bid Little Rock ‘Merry Christmas’.

“Stick with the basics”, everyone agreed so it began with a tree… a big one! Hand selected by the hotel’s floral advisers, Tipton & Hurst, the tree now averages 28′ in height and has been selected as one of the world’s Top Ten.

“What could be better for a tree of that stature than a ginger bread house?” added the Clauses and at their suggestion we introduced various iterations of that holiday standard as well as classes for children to decorate their own.

As a result, the Clauses visits became more frequent and they even left a “naughty and nice” book to provide updates on local children. In fact, they were so impressed by the inordinate number of ‘nice’ children; Santa recommended holding special Storytime sessions when Mrs. Claus surprised everyone by volunteering to host an afternoon tea.

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